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Bevans Media currently consists of just me, Ben Evans.
I've worked as a Freelancer Developer for a number of Unity projects now, ranging from Mobile to Web games. I've also made a few 3D models for the Unity Asset Store that are available for purchase now.

If you are interested in hiring me for your own projects, please get in touch via the contact section below.

Store (WIP)

Unity Assets

Customizable Skateboard
This skateboard package allows you to create perfect looking skateboards for any game. This package uses Substances to give you a wide range of customization and allows you to easily add your own art onto the board.
Customizable Mannequin Character
Unity 5 Ready This is a rigged, ready to go, wooden mannequin doll character, which is now updated! It's fully compatible with animations bought from Mixamo or any other source, setup and working with a Mecanim avatar, and also comes with a ragdoll prefab.
Customizable Sci-Fi Pilot Character
This Sci-Fi Pilot character is a great asset for anyone looking for a powerful looking character for their game! Fully rigged for mecanim (with finger support too) just add your own animations, whether you've made them yourselve or bought from the Mixamo Store, to get him moving. Comes with a Subtance texture, allowing you to customize it to a large extent in a matter of seconds.

Amazon Merch

Duck Goose T-Shirt (US ONLY)
A nice and simple T-Shirt in a variety of colors and sizes, with the Duck Goose Pixel Duck on the front!

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